​Zero Gravity: The Latest in Comfort Technology

Published by Sean Leslie on Dec 13th 2022

The Design

The First Zero Gravity Chair

NASA created the Zero Gravity design to counter the effects of gravity on their crew members. They had to ensure the astronauts weren’t negatively affected by unnecessary pressure and impact while doing explorations. When crafting their spacecrafts, NASA determined that sitting in a curved posture with the legs suspended will prevent gravity from straining muscles, allow proper breathing, and improve circulation. Instead of having the astronauts sitting upright, they leaned the chair back to have their neck, back, and legs parallel with each other in a neutral body position, thus creating the first Zero Gravity chair.

Since the first model of Zero Gravity, companies have introduced this idea into their products by creating home furniture matching the same notion. Sofas and recliners are now using the Zero Gravity position to allow people to enjoy these incredible benefits in the comfort of their own homes.

Neutral Body Position

A neutral body position can be defined as a set of guidelines for proper biomechanics. This position includes having a straight spine, raised arms, knees comfortably flexed, parallel shoulders, and extended feet. The neutral curvature of the spine and neck creates a uniform position to withstand pressure. This posture will minimize the body’s need to support itself from the effects of gravity.


Advantages of Zero Gravity

Restores Sore Muscles

Muscle strains can be significant burdens in our daily lives. Having sore or stiff muscles can result in many health issues and should be addressed immediately. The Zero Gravity position can help those with tension in their shoulders, neck, and back. While many chairs, sofas, and other furnishings can create uncomfortable positions, Zero Gravity can counter the negative effects that may occur. Zero Gravity can halt body pressure from building up and can evenly distribute muscle tension, allowing muscles to repair themselves.

Helps Elevate Posture

Proper posture is something many people often try to improve. An out-of-aligned posture can result in muscle and joint pain, which can lead to possible injuries or health concerns. The Zero Gravity design can help those struggling with posture issues. The neutral spine position can strengthen back muscles, decompress the spine, and reduce tension or discomfort in the neck and shoulders. Allowing the body to straighten out its alignment can have enormous benefits on posture.

Minimizes Stress & Anxiety

Using Zero Gravity chairs and sofas can have a positive effect on high levels of stress and anxiety. Endorphins can become stimulated and release tension by letting the body relax in a uniform posture, allowing unwanted stress and anxiety to diminish. Those dealing with stress can benefit from this neutral position.

Improves Circulation

Having proper circulation and blood flow is essential to maintaining a healthy heart. Sitting in an upright position can hinder circulation to the legs and feet, especially for long periods of time. Using Zero Gravity elevates the legs to a comfortable position, which can increase blood flow, help with circulation problems, and maintain good blood pressure.

Zero Gravity Furniture

Quality Products

Amax only uses genuine, Top-grain leather in their products. Handcrafted by experienced artisans, all sofas, loveseats, and recliners are created with quality in mind. These products are designed to surround your home with stylish, long-lasting furniture that you will enjoy for years to come. Amax’s commitment to refined, durable furniture is proudly displayed in the Zero Gravity collection.

Superior Style

Zero Gravity furniture has evolved since its initial use in NASA spacecrafts. While they started as chairs for astronauts, they are now luxurious, stylish pieces of furniture which can be customized in an assortment of colors and textures. People now use Zero Gravity in their homes as elegant sofas, loveseats, and recliners. Amax has created a premium collection of Zero Gravity leather furniture. These sleek, polished products will fit the décor of any home, giving ample options for a variety of interior designs and arrangements. Amax's Zero Gravity collection provides you with immaculate furniture to suit your style and sophistication